Skate tricks

A long time ago I had a skate tricks dictionary site. It had a robot character performing examples of lots of different skate tricks with definitions. It became moderately well known, I think the link was even printed in Transworld skate magazine at one point. In a way it killed itself because there was a gigantic influx of web traffic, and I couldn't afford a web hosting upgrade so had to take it down.

I recently found these 400+ skate animtions and decided to revive it just a little, as a kind of animated infographic.

A few bonus notes

Many of these tricks can be called a few different things. Like the 360 ollies with a kickflip or heelflip can be phrased in many ways, so I just called them what I always have. The point isn't to have a single name, but one that describes the trick in a way that other people can understand it.

I called the crooked 5-0 that rather than a suski grind because suski traditionally only refers to backside ones (that's the way Suski did them), where as the term crooked 5-0 can describe either. The frontside / backside restriction on suski's is slowly disappearing in common use, but I've always called those crooked 5-0s.

The same might be argued for salad grind, but 'overcrooked 5-0' certainly isn't common enough to warrant using it for the sake of keeping things hisorically accurate - most people I know on and off the internet use salad to describe both frontside and backside ones, and I'm going with what is common.

The losi grind isn't a misspelling of lazy grind - it's named after its inventor Alan Losi. You can still probably call it a lazy grind as that terms has become quite prevalent.