Bazz Fuzz Face

The Bazz Fuzz Face is basically a silicon Fuzz Face and a Bazz Fuss in the same box. A switch in the middle allows either effect to be selected. Both circuits have been modified a little from their original schematics. The volume, tone and dirt controls are shared by both circuits. The choke knob only affects the Fuzz Face.

The Bazz Fuss has a much more aggressive, modern heavy sound to it, while the Fuzz Face in comparison is more of a noisy, chaotic fuzz that's both very versatile and responsive to playing style.

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Bazz Fuzz Face Schematic

Bazz Fuzz Face schematic

Bazz Fuss

The Bazz Fuss is a great beginner fuzz circuit because it contains so few parts and still sounds great. The original design can be found on in a new window). After testing a few of the versions I went with version 3, using an MPSA13 transistor and a 1N914 diode. Here's a video I found(opens in a new window) on how to make these.

  • Added a tone control at the input to dial back low frequencies
  • Added a trimpot volume control so the output of the Bazz Fuss can be made quieter to match the Fuzz Face's average output volume

Fuzz Face

The Fuzz Face is a classic fuzz pedal whose design is very suitable for making modifications. The NPN silicon design on this page(opens in a new window) was my starting point. I made a few changes.

  • Added a tone control at the input to dial back low frequencies
  • Added a trimpot in series at the input to increase the input impedance, smoothing out the sound
  • Chose a 2N3903 and 2N3904 as replacement transistors for a moderate amount of gain.
  • Replaced the 8.2K resistor with a potentiometer to be able to adjust the "choke". Ranges from woofy and loud, through a classic Fuzz Face sound and then becomes more choked and splatty. Putting a clean boost and boosting the signal before this pedal also lets you use the choke as a noise gate.
  • Changed the output cap value and volume potentiometer